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Jess Shepherd
Energy Healer, Intuitive
 Clairvoyant, Medium & Meditation Guide.

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Alignment is a feeling, it is felt in the heart,  feeling joyous and inspired is your true natural state.  My purpose is to help you unlock your full capacity for brilliance, to start or continue the path of feeling all of who you are and living it each day.  
We can work together to assist you to match your vibrational frequency or energy to what it is you truly want.  
If for any reason you are struggling to move through health issues, relationship, mental or emotional issues or life isn't going the way you want it to, for any reason, we can work together to see you living a life of happiness, joy and fulfillment.   
Align yourself with who you truly are and use the Law of Attraction to change your life.
My gift is that I can see, hear and feel your inner being, your soul, your energetic nature.  I have been clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient since childhood and I can receive information from your field and from others around you to reveal blockages and assist you to transform your life to start living as a conscious and connected creator. 
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Guided Meditations & Meditation Music 
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Energy Healing
Sometimes we need a little help to release the resistance that is stopping us from being in true alignment with who we really are.  We can be blocked by established beliefs that are not helpful, or be simply stuck in feeling bad. Let's discover what is really going on in your energetic body, your physical body and your emotional body, by seeing your true vibration.

We can increase your alignment with who you truly are.  As the wise Abraham channeled through Esther Hicks says, ”let’s grow and learn through joy and happiness, we don’t need tragedy, emotional or mental pain anymore"... We have evolved enough now to understand that we are the creators of our reality.  So if you are ready to move forward, to listen to your inner self and be the true conscious creator of your world, then now is the time.

Let’s take this journey from sickness to health, from not enough of what you want to plenty of what you want.  From where you are now to where you want to be.

Enjoy the journey you are on by being conscious of your true nature and the big picture.  Life and the universe is always supporting and assisting you :)

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Benifits of Healing
  1. Morbi nunc odi
    Energy & Vitality
    Increase life force energy
    Energy healing has the potential to increase your energy and vitality by cleaning and clearing your aura and your inner energetic body. Wiping away negative energy, removing blocks and dark spots built up in your system, that have developed through trauma and negative belief patterns or events.
  2. Morbi nunc odi
    Emotional & Mental
    Overcome depression and anxiety
    Increase feelings of empowerment and balance by understanding your thoughts and emotions and receiving new patters that will assist in creating new experiences and more joyful feelings.
  3. Morbi nunc odi
    Health & Immunity
    Boost health and increase immunity
    Access the power of your body to heal and regenerate. Talk directly to the smart body, acknowledge feelings held within organs and areas of concern. Heal trauma held in systems of the body.
  4. Morbi nunc odi
    Stress Relief
    Reduce stress and emotional disturbances
    Access stronger connection with your soul, assisting in reducing stress and association with your outer environment. Awakening emotional awareness of your divine nature. Find inner stillness, peace and space. Meditation techniques and personal coaching available.
  5. Morbi nunc odi
    Surgery & Illness
    Help to recover from surgery and illness
    Assist your body to heal and recover from surgery and illness. Energetically you are whole and complete, always connected and receiving. Energy healing can help you to feel this again, with balancing masculine and famine energy's and acknowledging the body and moving forward .
  6. Morbi nunc odi
    Past & Family
    Heal Your Relationships, Past Present and Future
    Energy healing can access and resolve past lives and relationship patterns that are still playing out in your life today. Resolve family relationships now, to access emotional freedom. Access your inner child, ancestors and create positive, uplifting future relationships.
  7. Morbi nunc odi
    Surrogate for Children
    Help heal the little one in your life.
    Heal children by surrogating for them. This can be beneficial for children who have experienced trauma, who have illnesses or forms of autism, anxiety or depression. Open parents and grandparents can surrogate for children and grandchildren.
  8. Morbi nunc odi
    Abundance & Love
    Access and change patterns around money, love, career.
    Energy therapy can work with your abundance mindset, access and change patterns of belief that are holding you back from fully receiving in all areas of your life.
  9. Morbi nunc odi
    Purpose & Passion
    Reignite your life, your passions and purpose.
    Energy healing can reignite your purpose and passion for life. It can help you to find yourself again and assist you with the strength, understanding and thinking to achieve your goals and desires.

Enhance your life experience with
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Guided Meditations and Meditation Music for your SOUL

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  1. Guided Meditations for Abundance on ALL Levels
    Allow some space for your inner being, your soul to be expressed and watch as your life unfolds with beauty and abundance on all levels.
  2. Flow (Guided Meditation for Letting Go)
    Go on a journey, allow yourself to get into the FLOW of your life energy stream. Let go of resisting or pushing, RELAX, listen to your breathing and allow the flow to carry you.
  3. Feel Good Now so you can Feel Good Later
    What you need is already within you, you can be happy now, not later when conditions change. Now. Happiness comes from within you. It is IN YOU.
  4. Stillness
  5. How to Sooth Feelings of Overwhelm
    Many of us have times when we feel overwhelmed. If our attention and focus remain on all the things that are making us feel overwhelmed, often stress and sickness can result. Here we have some guided affirmations and ideas on how to change your focus to help you to sooth your feelings of overwhelm. You can make a difference to the way you feel and with an awareness of your thoughts you can feel more relaxed and at ease. I hope this helps :)
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Wow! session with Jess was more than I could have ever hoped for.  Not only was I able to discover several hidden motives of blocked energy in my sub and unconscious that I had been searching for for years, which I could feel but not clearly see or access, with Jess's "total" expertise, love, support, we were able to significantly clear them as well, causing observable changes in my relationship to myself and my life. I would recommend Jess to anyone who wants to go really deep into themselves and find the treasures that await them there.  I am grateful beyond the beyond for Jess's assistance with this.
Tom Swindell
Grass Valley California

I could only say so many thanks to Jess for her amazing work. She is just amazing in all the ways she is and truly beautiful woman in and out . She pointed out most of what I struggled with and she is surrounded with love. She gave me, and give again now, so  many love and kindness. It's hard for me to explain what I have felt deep inside because English isn't my mother tongue. I felt good and comfortable as soon as we talk at our first session. (I was so nervous before). She took her time with me to explain and I'm feel more reassured and I can go more confident about myself. I Open more my eyes inside and outside too. I know better how to do because of the help of Jess. I'm so grateful to have meet her. As said many others people, I can't say enough thank for what you have done..! If you hesitate to take contact with her, don't anymore. 
Big hugs and love. Love you Jess! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
Cat from Swiss

I work in a scientific field and lead a team of subject matter experts on emerging technologies. Despite my reputation in my field and position of leadership, I felt like I was stuck inside. I found Jess by searching the web for guided meditations to develop greater awareness of myself and control over my life. 

Jess is an angel of light! She was able to see how I was stuck and lift me out of the deep spiritual hole I was living in! She healed my greatest childhood trauma and united my scattered energies, strengthening my intrinsic abilities! It made such a big difference in my approach to life and success!

I highly recommend Jess’ healing sessions to those who are ready to move forward in their lives but are not sure how to go about it. She can identify personal challenges and help to resolve snags that may be holding you back from the life you deserve!

Cass Kelly

"Hi Jess, thanks for the healing session! Although we are far away,  the energy was very strong. Your insight and accuracy astonished me, and I just surrendered myself to a powerful current of light that washed my burdens away. 
Every time I have the honor to meet a lightworker, my faith in humanity renews and my heart uplifts with the hope of a brighter tomorrow."

Buenos Aires, Argentina.
When I asked Jess to give me an energy reading, I had no idea the impact that she would have on my life. Not only was she able to pinpoint (very specific) past experiences that I’ve clung onto, but she walked me through the healing process that removed those blockages. Since our connection, I feel an amazing sense of release from those things, and a peace and rejuvenation within my being. Even from the distance of thousands of miles away, I could feel how tuned in she was with who I am. Her genuineness, kindness, and humility are a true testament to her own alignment, and she is a gift to anyone who has the pleasure and experience of being acquainted with her. I am immensely grateful for what she has done for me. She is truly quite remarkable and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking energy healing. I also encourage others to listen to her meditations as they have an amazing healing effect.  

Dr Jessica Connor, 
I have had the pleasure of experiencing Jess' work. I am in deep appreciation of her kind heart and giftedness as a healer. The sessions I have had have really helped me move through and transform some deep seated beliefs and patterns that I have held about myself that have impacted my life and kept me stuck and creating the same old situations. I feel lighter, I feel like I have cleared 'stuff' to create what I really desire as a woman. I feel more of me! Thanks so much Jess xxx


 ​​​​I went to see Jess at a time when I was struggling.  She held the space so strongly for me which allowed me to go where I needed to go.  She reconnected me with who I am.  I am very grateful to her for walking her talk because it meant that I could trust that she knew what was happening and that I was safe.  Jess is all heart, a strong heart and I would recommend her without hesitation.

I went to see Jess as surrogate for my son Matteo who was experiencing physical & emotional health issues that had persisted since early childhood.
I was amazed at her intuitive awareness of the issues we were facing and I remember that I left with a feeling of certainty and confidence.
I was more amazed at how instantly effective the energy treatment worked on my son who wasn't even present during our session.
The energy shifted immediately and has continued to do so for the past 2 years.
As a father who was once fearful of the direction my son's life was heading, to now be watching my teenager boy soaring with more confidence every day, making amazing changes in his own life and continues to have personal growth.
I am forever grateful to Jess for her incredible Energy Healing.

  Dear Jess
I just wanted to thank you so much for your healing for my daughter Isabella. You were so comforting for both of us as we had never experienced this type of healing before. It was extremely effective, subtle and yet so powerful and empowering. I can't thank you enough. She shifted through a major emotional hurdle within 24hrs after just one session, a hurdle that she had been battling for many years. I will be forever grateful to you for that. Your gentle and soothing nature along with your gorgeous serene healing space is a blessing to anyone fortunate enough to find you. Thank you Jess. We adore you.

Paula & Isabella.
I have known Jess for many years and have had the privilege of sharing in the amazing energy that surrounds her. She is the most loving and genuine person you will ever come across and has a truly amazing gift that must be shared with the world. Her incredible healing ability will help you overcome any unwanted or negative energy that you may be holding onto and not even realise. 
Jess found things that I didn't even realise I was holding onto and were obviously affecting my overall well being. She straight away pin pointed things I have never even spoken about and could remove these Unwanted feelings from within. I felt like a new person the moment she finished. 
Not Until you experience one of Jess's healings can you truly understand the magic that happens and the transformation it has over your life. 
I cannot thank you enough Jess for what you have done for me, I am forever grateful! 

Steph Macri
Jess is a qualified and experienced therapist, in many fields. Her ability to collaborate her psychology background into a healing modality of combined therapy, makes her an exceptional genome practitioner.
Her abilities to go beyond the conscious levels, into deep foundations of the physical, and energetic vibrations of the body, are astounding.  The techniques utilised are calming and restorative, to access the very layers of the body’s functions.  How each organ, and corresponding internal communication is viewed and reset, to bring about optimal healing, is a dynamic experience.
I highly recommend Jess, for all types of healing, mental, physical and emotional states.  Having had several sessions with Jess, to align myself with my highest potential of wellbeing and manifestation, I experienced, a sense of pain relief within my physical body, a release from invalidated mind chatter and an overall sense of peace.

Serana Neve
Hi Jess,
Just wanted to send a huge thank you for the other night, my heart feels so renewed as though you helped place a new one inside of me,keep doing your thing because I’m sure you work wonders with all that come across you.

When I did a session with Jess, I was truly amazed how she could pinpoint all the things I am struggling with: she was literally spot on, without knowing anything about me. She shines a light on (un)conscious blockages and makes your mind and body ready to heal. I felt very comfortable with her and highly recommend her as a therapist.

Sara Van Butsel
It was a privilege to have Jessica Shepherd work on me, I didn’t realize how lucky I was. Jess was so accurate with her first initial reading of me pinpointing a few hidden ailments and had suggested some remedies which were great. I was quite surprised when her healing hands and energy went to work I could feel her energy within my lower abdomen, the only other time I had a similar feeling was when the doctor was putting me back together after a caesarian with my youngest child. Jess has a warm, calm, loving nature about her, which you can feel straight away, upon entering her room making you feel comfortable and relaxed. Feeling great thank you Jess.

Leeanne Kirk
You are loved, you are valued, you are worthy and everything is meant to work out for you.
Abraham - Esther Hicks